Kanye West receives vital advice from former lawyer that could change his life

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Kanye West recently received critical legal advice that may help him reconsider his anti-Semitism views.

This may cause the struggling rapper to lose everything important to him. He’d already lost billions of dollars and friends, and now he might lose the chance to be present in the lives of his four children.

North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm are Kanye’s four children with ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

The “All Of The Lights” rapper, who is fighting for custody of their four children in court with the “Kardashians” actress, took to social media and said something that could change his mind or dig his grave even deeper.

According to Kanye’s Parler account, he had one last and final meeting with lawyer Bob Cohen. He received advice that:

“if [you] keep up antisemitic rhetoric you’ll lose custody of your children.”

The Grammy-winning rapper then went on a rant, claiming that if he kept complaining about “getting done wrong in business,” he would lose custody of his children and that “this was the guy on my side,” referring to the lawyer who was his custody attorney but appeared to be rooting for the opposing team.

Bob Cohen, a Jewish lawyer, and Bernard Clair, a partner at the top New York law firm Cohen Clair Lans Griefer Thorpe & Rottenstreich LLP, dismissed the rapper because of remarks about their people.

Meanwhile, several GoFundMe pages appeared this week intending to make Kanye West a millionaire again.

The goal is to raise funds, which is allegedly being done by people who believe he was treated unfairly during his anti-Semitic rants.

According to TMZ, despite the establishment of crowd-funding pages for the “Donda” rapper, the efforts were futile. It only received a few dollars before the pages were removed entirely. This does not preclude someone from another part of the world from creating new crowd-funding pages.

On the other hand, those who despise Kanye are setting up GoFundMe pages, arguing that we should help ordinary people rather than the artist who has fallen from grace.

One person said on his page:

“Make me a billionaire instead of Kanye West.”

However, fans question why pro-Kanye initiatives have been permanently halted while anti-Kanye efforts continue to operate.

The funds raised by the platform must be used for the purpose stated on the fundraising page. Kanye’s crowdfunding pages were eventually removed because he was not an official beneficiary.