P!nk gets creative with promo for Friday’s ‘Never Gonna Not Dance Again’ release: THIS is what she did!

NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 08: P!nk performs at Barclays Center on December 8, 2013 in New York, New York. (Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images)

P!nk’s new single, Never Gonna Not Dance Again, is out now, and she’s found an incredible way to promote it.

P!nk has always been known for her distinct style, angsty edge, and music that pushes the boundaries, leaving her iconic songs stuck in our heads for days. The same can be said about her promotional materials. Fans have been anticipating her new single, Never Gonna Not Dance Again, with bated breath. To get everyone in the mood for the big day, the star released a hilarious video.

On Twitter, she posted:

“Spicy AF! Have you called for your chance to win a free sample?! Dial 1-888-262-PINK #NGNDA is out this Friday.”

The sensation appears in the video wearing a red apron, fishnets, large jewelry, and a sparkling dress while standing in a grocery store.

She yells to a customer off-screen:

“Excuse me. Would you like to try a free sample? They’re spicy as f**k!”

You can win a free supply of P!nk’s new spicy chip brand by calling the phone number listed in the Tweet. They’re known as Vicious B*****s Chips’es (the most on-brand P!nk move we’ve ever heard).

Upon calling the phone number, you hear P!nk’s voice say:

“Hi, you’re reached P!nk, the creator of Vicious B–es Chips’es.”

Following that, you can listen to a song clip, receive text updates about P!nk, or hear P!nk’s tip of the day. Whatever option you choose, the end result is iconic.

We can’t wait for Never Gonna Not Dance Again to be released this Friday.