Britney Spears locked up? IG posts raise THIS suspicion but stylist hints a DEEPER mental issue

HOLLYWOOD - JUNE 28: Singer Britney Spears attends the MTV Bash at the Hollywood Palladium on June 28, 2003 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

After posting yet another dancing video, Britney Spears’ Instagram followers believe she is “locked up” and has lost control of her social media account.

The free-spirited star has continued to post videos of herself dancing, delighting fans with her outrageous performance.

However, several people have expressed concern after she reposted an old video of herself dancing while on vacation earlier this year.

Fans are aware that the 40-year-old should be in Maui at the time. Still, instead of sharing photos of herself wearing a yellow crop top and tight shorts and spinning in circles while vigorously tossing her hair, she chose to share one wearing a yellow crop top and tight shorts and spinning in circles while vigorously tossing her hair.

Despite her widespread support, others suspected something more sinister was at work.

One fan commented in the comments section that she believes Britney is in jail, which is why old content is still being posted.

Another fan stated that Spears has previously performed this dance to different music. That is not her personality. They are all vintage recordings.

Another person stated that while many people adore her, no one is concerned or truly checking in on her. They are curious about where her friends are because she does not appear to have any.

If she’s in Maui, why is she posting videos of herself dancing in circles in this room? According to one commenter, Spears should dress up, go out, and enjoy the city, beach, restaurants, and bars, among other things.

Spears did, however, write a lengthy caption on the video explaining why she is reposting this old clip. She claimed that despite posting this in Maui eight months ago, she showed the sped-up version! She allegedly searched her phone and found the original. She prefers it and has decided to post it.

This is not the only video that has sparked concern among viewers. Fans were also concerned in an earlier post that she “still hasn’t been outdoors,” even though no one explicitly stated that she’s “locked up.” However, the concerns are the same.

Meanwhile, a celebrity stylist suggests that Britney Spears’ fashion choices indicate a psychological problem.

Celebrity stylist Amanda Sanders explains:

“In the industry, Britney’s style is considered as ‘Pop’ or ‘Bubblegum’ style, which worked well for her in her early 20’s, but now as a 40-year-old woman, it’s just silly.”

The stylist added:

“It’s as if she’s not facing the present and might psychologically be stuck in the past.'”

According to the stylist, Britney Spears should have had a renaissance before the conservatorship, but the clock appears to have stopped at a certain age, and she has not progressed past it.

She refers to the psychological trauma she must have experienced at the hands of her father and the fact that she has never had her independence as an adult. According to the stylist, Spears is trapped as a young baby doll, a cute pop star.