Kate Middleton changed unexpectedly since Queen’s death: expert

BALLYMENA, NORTHERN IRELAND - FEBRUARY 28: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge engages in a walkabout in Ballymena town centre on February 28, 2019 in Ballymena, Northern Ireland. Prince William last visited Belfast in October 2017 without his wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, who was then pregnant with the couple's third child. This time they concentrate on the young people of Northern Ireland. Their engagements include a visit to Windsor Park Stadium, home of the Irish Football Association, activities at the Roscor Youth Village in Fermanagh, a party at the Belfast Empire Hall, Cinemagic, a charity that uses film, television and digital technologies to inspire young people and finally dropping in on a SureStart early years programme. (Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images)

According to a body language expert, Kate Middleton has surprised the public with a noticeable change since reaching “something of a peak” in her new royal duties.

The senior royal, who was recently promoted to the role of Princess of Wales following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, is said to be unconcerned about Princess Diana’s former title.

Judi James told Express during her interview:

“Kate’s body language has changed since she became Princess of Wales, but perhaps not in the way that people might have expected.

The pressure could have caused some signs of anxiety and even imposter syndrome, but instead her confidence signals have been on an upward trajectory recently.”

The expert added:

“She is now at something of a peak in terms of sending out signals, which suggests she now not only fully embraces and understands her role, but that she feels comfortable in it, too.”

The expert said that Kate:

“has tended to wear the rather self-limiting body language message that she is a non-royal in a royal role and wife to the future King.

But now she seems to understand that she has been totally accepted as a leading royal.”

Judi added:

“She is much more independent, often appearing more confident when she is working alone than with William, and she filmed addresses, speeches and messages are miles from the hesitant and slightly reluctant delivery style that she used to have.”