Britney Spears’ dad Jamie sabotaging deposition? Lawyer claims he’s ‘unnecessarily difficult’, faces $10K in fine

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Is Jamie Spears making things more difficult for Britney and her legal team?

Mathew Rosengart, the pop star’s lawyer, accused the renowned parent of refusing to answer the most basic questions during the current deposition.

According to Radar Online, Jamie finally arrived for a deposition on August 11, which made it extremely difficult for them to obtain a meaningful response from him.

Jamie’s attorneys, according to Mathew, improperly advised him not to respond to the inquiry, and the renowned father refuses to answer any direct questions.

He also stated that Jamie’s refusal to answer the questions was improper, especially given that he raised the issues. According to Mathew, Jamie told the court that the “Baby One More Time” singer had paid his legal fees.

The lawyer reminded the court that Britney’s father had stated that if his expenses were not paid, he would file for bankruptcy and that the court had ordered him to turn over records and messages written to Britney.

According to court records, Mathew stated that not every communication was presented. They also “made it hard to understand the context of any individual text or even what was being discussed, because the messages were not grouped by conversation or even produced chronologically as required.”

Jamie did send some emails, but they were “haphazardly—not in chronological order, and also not linked together.”

While Mathew is unsure whether Jamie Spears did this on purpose, releasing these emails “made it needlessly difficult or impossible to analyze the records and ask him questions about them during deposition.”

Other papers that were handed over were password-protected as well. On the other hand, Jamie failed to deliver the passwords to such, despite the fact that he should have done so months ago.

Jamie could face a $10,000 fine if this continues.

After 13 years, Britney Spears was finally released from her contentious conservatorship last year. Her father, Jamie, was keeping a close eye on her.

Though there is legal certainty, many questions about his motivation remain, but Vulture may have the answer.

According to the story, Jamie inherited a bad trait from her twisted family tree:

“a relentless drive to dominate and manipulate the women in their lives.”