Britney Spears’ secret health records at risk of being publicized, despite court orders to seal them

OFFENBURG, GERMANY - NOVEMBER 27: Singer Britney Spears performs during the Bambi Awards 2008 Show on November 27, 2008 in Offenburg, Germany. (Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

According to her attorney Mathew Rosengart, Britney Spears’ father, Jaime Spears, and his legal team attempted to humiliate her by releasing her private medical information to the public.

Rosengart filed a motion for sanctions and contempt against Jamie and his attorneys on October 26, according to court documents reviewed by Radar, alleging that they violated court orders with “bad faith litigation tactics” and abuse of the discovery process in an attempt to have her testify.

Judge Brenda Penny chastised Jamie and his attorneys for bringing medical data to a hearing last month, although the information had “previously been sealed by earlier court orders.”

The judge deemed Jaime and his legal team’s actions in the long-running case involving the 40-year-old Grammy-winning musician improperly and contrary to court instructions.

The judge noted that Mr. Spears and his counsel offer no rationale for filing previously sealed documents or opposing the current motion in light of the parties’ negotiated protective order.

Rosengart told the court that the move would have violated the “Oops!… I Did It Again” singer’s constitutional and common law privacy rights, as part of Jaime’s “scorched earth litigation campaign against Britney Spears” since his suspension from overseeing her conservatorship in September 2021.

According to Rosengart, Jaime has tried to humiliate Britney and rack up large legal fees to charge her estate, all while attempting to “vindicate” himself through this case (a futile task given his record as a conservator).

According to this source, Jamie and her attorney resisted Jamie’s attempt to seal her medical records, which contained “important, confidential information.”

Rosengart asked the court to consider contempt proceedings against Jamie Spears and his attorneys and impose a $20,000 fine. He claimed in recently released court documents that Jamie Spears refused to answer even the most basic questions during a deposition he gave on August 11.

He claimed Jaime did not comply with court orders to provide the required papers, text messages, and emails. Britney recently described the serious mental trauma’ she endured due to her conservatorship.

When she looks at people’s faces, she says she can’t breathe normally. The pop icon, whose contentious conservatorship was terminated in November of last year after 13 years, revealed on Twitter on Wednesday that she had nerve damage on the right side of her body as a result of improper breathing.