Lea Michele ‘Funny Girl’ album release date: Here’s everything we know so far

SAN DIEGO, CA - JULY 10: Actress Lea Michele attends the 20th Century Fox party during Comic-Con International 2015 at Andaz Hotel on July 10, 2015 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Fans of “Funny Girl” take note! The brand new cast revival album soundtrack starring Lea Michele is already on its way!

Despite the tumultuous and contentious beginnings of Michele’s casting on the revival production, the stars have finally aligned, and she has recorded the official soundtrack for the revival.

Michele was cast as Fanny Brice on “Funny Girl” earlier this year, replacing outgoing-Beanie Feldstein, who received overwhelmingly negative reviews for her performance and debut.

Michele, who has been vying for the role since her “Glee” days, was the obvious choice from the start of the production, which is why many were surprised by Feldstein’s casting, who had little prior experience stepping into Barbra Streisand’s shoes.

According to Playbill, Michele will record as Fanny Brice on the upcoming “Funny Girl” Revival Cast album, featuring Ramin Karimloo, Jacqueline Bisset, and Tovah Feldsuh. Notably, Michele and Feldsuh are among a select group of actors who did not make their debut in the role but were chosen to record the cast album.

Michele announced the news after their curtain call on Wednesday, November 16.

Michelle revealed:

“We have a little secret that we want to let you all in on. We’re all so so proud to announce that we are going to be releasing our original cast Broadway album. Everyone here who is working so incredibly hard every single night also worked so hard in the studio to make such an incredible album that I heard. And as the biggest Funny Girl fan my entire life, I’m so proud of it. It is so, so, so great.”

People online only found out about it because the speech was streamed on Instagram Live.

Michele was on track to play the role of her life, as she had previously expressed her enthusiasm for it. In the hit musical dramedy “Glee,” for which Michele was well-known, her character, Rachel Berry, landed the role of Fanny Brice in the Broadway revival production of “Funny Girl” in the show – which mirrors her real-life accomplishments now.

According to Playbill, the “Funny Girl” 2022 Revival Production Soundtrack will be available digitally on streaming services on November 18, 2022. Meanwhile, the physical copy will be available beginning next year on January 20, 2023.