James Scully ‘gets’ why many have crushes on ‘You’ co-star Penn Badgley

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 06: Penn Badgley attends the "You" Series Premiere Celebration hosted by Lifetime on September 6, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Mike Pont/Getty Images for A+E)

James Scully, star of “You,” understands why so many people adore Penn Badgley.

Scully, who played Forty Quinn in Season 2 of Netflix’s hit psychological thriller, revealed on Monday that his 36-year-old co-star has a magnetic personality.

At the Gotham Awards, Scully said to Page Six:

“I spent many days with him for six months, and every time I walked into the hair and makeup trailer and saw him, I would just sigh wistfully to myself.”

He added:

“So, I get it. I understand.”

Scully, 30, also expressed sympathy for the “Gossip Girl” alum, who has repeatedly requested that fans refrain from romanticizing his character, stalker and serial killer Joe Goldberg.

Scully revealed to the outlet:

“I just felt bad for Penn because he was like, ‘That’s sort of supposed to be the opposite. He’s doing all this work and I think he’s very conscious of the example he’s setting for young men. He’s sort of eager to clarify that this is the way you shouldn’t behave.”

The “Fire Island” star, on the other hand, stated that Badgley’s charisma was the reason the producers chose him for the role in the first place.

Scully argued:

“That’s why they hired him. This person can sell us.”

In a 2019 interview with Vanity Fair, Badgley admitted that he despised his “You” character and felt that Joe deserved a happy ending.

He explained:

“We can’t lead ourselves to believe that if Joe would simply find the right person that he would be happy — because he’s a f–king murderer. It’s crazy. That’s akin to victim blaming, being like, ‘Oh, they just weren’t right for him.'”

Badgley also discussed the scene in the second season in which Love (Victoria Pedretti) bared her soul to Joe, revealing that his character’s reaction made him dislike Joe even more.

Badgley told the publication:

“He’s always saying, ‘If only I could show you who I really am.’ Up until that point, he’s never been able to do that… Then he gets it, and he’s a total dick about it. That was when I was like, ‘Joe, I’ve never liked you less! I’ve never liked you less.'”

Last month, Badgley revealed in his Stitcher podcast, “Podcrushed,” that he’s been “meditating” on what he’d do if he met his character in real life.

Despite being aware of Joe’s heinous crimes, the actor stated that he “would actually try to love him.”

He revealed:

“Because, the truth is, he’s never gotten that. So I would ask Joe… I, honestly, feel like I would look at him for a long time. Because of my relationship to him, I would try to love him. I’m not saying he deserves that. I’m not saying anybody else should do that. I’m saying I would try to love him.”

Badgley went on to say that Joe “needs love,” and that if he met him in person, he would hug and hold him.

Netflix has announced two premiere dates for Season 4 of “You.” The first half will be available on the streaming platform on February 10, with the second half following a month later.