Patti LaBelle rushed off stage due to bomb threat, fans worried because of preexisting condition

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - OCTOBER 01: Patti LaBelle performs onstage during the Thurgood Marshall College Fund 35th Anniversary Gala at Marriot Marquis Times Square on October 01, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Thurgood Marshall College Fund)

Fans are worried about Patti LaBelle after she was escorted out of a concert venue by security guards during her performance at Milwaukee’s Riverside Theater.

When two security guards rushed onto the stage and removed the 78-year-old singer-songwriter, she spoke to the audience.

Previously, the singer of “If Only You Knew” could be heard telling security guards, “Wait, hold up!”

The Milwaukee Police Department received a bomb threat, which prompted her removal from the stage.

According to a video shared on Twitter by concertgoer @sunny_seokkie, one of the security guards whispered something to her and could be seen talking to a fan who handed her a bouquet of roses.

However, two men in black suits stormed the stage at one point in the video to remove the R&B singer.

After security explained the situation to Patti LaBelle, she dropped the bouquet and shakily replaced the microphone on the mic stand.

Following the security, the band eventually abandoned their location.

Concertgoers were terrified as Patti exited the stage. The Milwaukee Police Department later stated in an official statement that the investigation was still ongoing at the time.

Another viral video tweeted showed fans unsure whether they could return to the venue because it would be up to the Riverdale Theater to determine whether it was safe for concertgoers to return.

Following the viral video, fans are concerned about the Philadelphia native “Godmother of Soul.”

Patti LaBelle has type 2 diabetes and passed out on stage in 1994. During an interview with the Daily Times, the “Somebody Loves You Baby” singer revealed how she began to care for herself after that.

The singer admitted to giving up foods she enjoyed, such as “cheesecake, fried chicken,” and others.

“It’s easy with diabetes. You just have to get out of your mind about that cheesecake and butter. It’s very hard for a woman who travels.”

Questioning who would even do such a thing to the 60s singer, one Twitter user said:

“We will go to war over Patti LaBelle.”

One person remarked:

“Who attempted to blow up Patti? Is it about the pie? Because this is getting to be too much.”

A second person urged:

“Protect Patti at all costs.”

Another Twitter user said:

“I’m happy she has great protection.”