Megan Thee Stallion lawsuit update: Witness says Tory Lanez, Kelsey Harris both fired the gun

WASHINGTON, DC - DECEMBER 14: Megan Thee Stallion performs onstage during iHeartRadio Hot 99.5's Jingle Ball 2021 Presented by Capital One at Capital One Arena on December 14, 2021 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images for iHeartRadio)

The Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez trial is becoming increasingly heated.

Now, another key witness to the alleged 2020 incident has taken the stand, and many believe that instead of clarifying the situation, his contradictory statements have made it even murkier.

Sean Kelly, another eyewitness to the incident, was called on during the recent hearing to recall what he saw and remembered about the June 2020 accident in California, which left Megan Thee Stallion, formally known as Megan Pete, critically injured.

Kelly claims that when he looked outside his house, where the incident occurred nearby, he saw two women involved in a brawl; later, he identified them as Pete and her ex-assistant Kelsey Harris.

He said in a statement, as quoted by Billboard:

“They were pulling their hair and hitting each other. It was quite violent.”

Shortly after, a man who matched the description of Tory Lanez’s driver, Jaquan Smith, attempted to break up the fight, prompting someone to fire the first shot on the scene.

Later, Kelly recalled, a man alighted the vehicle who matched Lanez’s description, joining the violent scuffle between Pete and Harris, with Smith attempting to break up the fight. Kelly claimed that four to five shots were fired in total.

It is worth noting that Kelly was the one who called 911 at the scene, but he was never able to identify who shot on the call. He did, however, emphasize that he “never saw a gun,” only “flashes.”

Kelly later stated that he believed one of the women, either Pete or Harris, fired the shot. However, the testimony became murky when he later contradicted this revelation, claiming that Lanez was the one holding the weapon.

Mgdesyan, Lanez’s lawyer, asked:

“Did you see the shorter guy with a gun in his hand?”

Kelly answered, “Yes,” referring to Tory Lanez as the “shorter guy.”

She ultimately revealed:

“It appeared to me they were trying to kill her. Dragged her across the street and picked her up. The short guy was agitated; he got out of the car. His arm was stretched out and he was firing everywhere. Four or five shots.”

However, when Mgdesyan pressed him again, Kelly retracted his statements and stated that Harris “fired the first shot.”

Given the big scandal involving Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez, the Tory Lanez felony assault trial has been one of the most closely watched trials in the music community.