Cardi B defends herself after controversial lyrics got called out by fans

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 19: Host Cardi B attends the 2021 American Music Awards Red Carpet Roll-Out with Host Cardi B at L.A. LIVE on November 19, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

Cardi B collaborated with GloRilla on the song “Tomorrow 2” from the EP “Anyways, Life’s Great…” a few months ago, and many fans have been calling her out because of a specific verse from the song; today, the rapper has finally broken her silence and addressed the issue.

The lyrics in question, according to Billboard, are “I fight for my b****** and I’m fightin’ over d*** too.” Many of her fans disagree with the message of her verse, but she has provided an explanation.

The “Rumors” singer took to Twitter to share a video of herself laying in bed wearing a black tank top, massive playboy bunny chains, and her iconic long nails.

The musician began the one-minute clip with a disclaimer, saying she was drunk and would say whatever she wanted. She went on to say that there had been many online posts from fans who disagreed with her lyrics to the song.

She said:

“If a b**** goes through your purse and she steals some of your money, you not gonna fight that b***? Yeah, b****, you gonna fight for your money, right?”

Cardi B then went on to explain the second part, saying that if a man provides for a person by giving them money, paying their bills, and everything else related to money, she says:

“b**** go take him from you, you not gonna fight over that d***? That’s your money… I’m fighting with teeth.”

To end her video, the rapper addressed “broke” boys, telling them she can’t help them and that they should face “charges” and a “restraining order.”

Cardi B made the rounds on the internet on Christmas Day after calling out a user for criticizing her net worth.

Along with a GIF of a man rolling his eyes, the user wrote:

“Says the rapper worth $40 million.”

The musician then responded, “We’re in a recession… Merry Christmas,” before explaining that she’s worth more than $40 million and that she saves money, works hard, and budgets her finances because she could lose her fortune if she doesn’t spend it wisely.

She added:

“What makes you think that no matter how much money you got you can’t lose it all if you don’t manage your money correctly. I too have bills,responsibilities and people I have to help.”