Kate Hudson says she avoided alcohol before filming ‘Glass Onion’ bikini scene

HOLLYWOOD, CA - MARCH 02: Actress Kate Hudson attends the Oscars held at Hollywood & Highland Center on March 2, 2014 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

In “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery,” Kate Hudson revealed some details about her iconic bikini scene.

The actress, 43, was on “This Morning” on Wednesday to promote the new Netflix film when she opened up about the poolside scene in which she wears an orange two-piece.

Hudson stated that she chose to abstain from alcohol prior to filming the scene and was “waiting” to finish it so she could enjoy some drinks.

She said:

“While everyone else was having Aperol Spritzes in Greece, I was just waiting for that scene to be shot so I could just join everybody.”

She continued:

“Everybody was having a great time. I was like, ‘I’ll take that cucumber and feta.”

In other parts of the interview, Hudson discussed how she and her co-stars kept themselves entertained while “locked down together” on set. The “Fool’s Gold” star stated that the group would rent out bars and throw parties.

She shared:

“We were really locked down together because of COVID so we only had each other to hang out with. Then, when we got to Serbia, because we were in Greece but then we did all of our interiors in Belgrade, it was right at the peak of Delta so we couldn’t go anywhere.”

She continued:

“We would basically rent out the bar and do murder mysteries and they’d turn into dance parties and that’s how we kept ourselves entertained while we were making the movie.”

Birdie Jay, the Fabletics co-creator, described her character as a “sort of a socialite fashionista” and an “entrepreneur.”

Hudson added:

“Birdie’s really bold, very loud, tone-deaf [and] not that smart.”

Hudson’s role in “Knives Out 2” had previously piqued the interest of Kaley Cuoco. She opened up about how “devastated” she was when the role went to the “Bride Wars” star in her cover story interview for Glamour’s April issue.

Cuoco said:

“I was convinced [the part was mine]… I was so convinced that my bags were packed for Greece. And then I didn’t get it. I was so devastated. And I’m not [normally] devastated over roles.”

Cuoco attended chemistry reads believing she would be working with Daniel Craig, who reprises his role as detective Benoit Blanc, in Greece, only to find out that the role “went to Kate, who’s great.”

Cuoco shared:

“I cried and I cried all night long.”

Meanwhile, director Rian Johnson recently expressed dissatisfaction with the official title of his film, “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery.”

According to The Atlantic, he only wanted to call the film “Glass Onion,” but the production insisted on including “A Knives Out Mystery” for marketing purposes. Johnson stated that he wished for each film to be “self-contained.”

He said:

“Honestly, I’m pissed off that we have ‘A Knives Out Mystery’ in the title. You know? I want it to just be called ‘Glass Onion,’ I get it, and I want everyone who liked the first movie to know this is next in the series, but also, the whole appeal to me is it’s a new novel off the shelf every time.”