Kate Middleton ‘outraged and hurt’ by Prince Harry’s memoir ‘Spare’: Royal expert

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 30: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge arrives at Basildon Sporting Village on October 30, 2018 in London, England. (Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

According to reports, Kate Middleton is upset about the revelations and allegations made in Prince Harry’s book.

Excerpts from “Spare” began appearing days before the book’s release date, and some of the stories, including a now-famous feud over flower girl dresses, were unflattering to the Princess of Wales.

Prince William’s wife is “outraged and hurt,” according to British journalist and investigative reporter Tom Bower.

The royal biographer described Prince Harry’s attacks as “grotesquely gutter” and “disgraceful,” given that his book was completed by the time he and his wife, Meghan Markle, attended Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral in September last year.

Bower told the outlet:

“The deception of Harry at the Queen’s funeral knowing what he’d written about Kate and William and his father, without giving a hint of what was to come, it’s just unbelievable.”

The author of “Revenge: Meghan, Harry, and the War Between the Windsors” predicted that Markle would publish her own memoir in the future because “this is how they’re going to make their money for some time now.”

The claims could not be independently verified by International Business Times.

According to an anonymous insider, Prince William and Middleton were “very upset” about the memoir, which reportedly “hit them very hard.”

Another unnamed tipster told the outlet:

“Kate feels that Harry’s actions are atrocious. She is appalled at him for dragging her name through the dirt and is finding it hard to forgive.”

Prince Harry detailed an “awkward moment” between his wife and sister-in-law in his book, which occurred moments before they made their first appearance as the “fab four” at the 2018 Royal Foundation Forum. He claimed that Middleton was irritated when Markle borrowed her lip gloss because she had forgotten her own.

Prince Harry wrote, Page Six reported:

“Kate, taken aback, went into her handbag and reluctantly pulled out a small tube. Meg squeezed some onto her finger and applied it to her lips. Kate grimaced.”

The Duke of Sussex also claimed that Middleton wanted all of the flower girl dresses remade four days before his wedding to Markle in May 2018 because Princess Charlotte’s didn’t fit properly.

She eventually agreed to go to Markle’s tailor to have it altered, but Prince Harry later wrote that he found his then-fiancee in tears “on the floor” after the altercation. According to Harry, Middleton apologized and brought flowers and a card the next day.

In the book, Prince Harry claimed that Prince William and Middleton encouraged him to dress up as a Nazi for a costume party in 2005. It became one of his most public scandals, and the Invictus Games founder, then 20, apologized for his “poor choice of costume” after photos from the party were leaked.

When reflecting on the contentious costume party, Prince Harry praised his sister-in-law in his memoir.

He wrote about Middleton:

“She was carefree, sweet, kind. She’d done a gap year in Florence, knew about photography, art. And clothes. She loved clothes. Her name was Kate.”

He recalled having “a great time” with her while laughing at Prince William’s feline costume for the costume party.

He wrote:

“I liked seeing Kate laugh. Better yet, I liked making her laugh. And I was quite good at it. My transparently silly side connected with her heavily disguised silly side.”

He continued:

“Whenever I worried that Kate was going to be the one to take Willy from me, I consoled myself with thoughts of all our future laughing fits together, and I told myself how great everything would be when I had a serious girlfriend who could laugh along with us.”