Sam Smith, Kim Petras’ Grammy performance ‘underwhelming’: THIS singer’s music video is more ‘unholy’

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 05:(L-R) Kim Petras and Sam Smith accept the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance award for “Unholy” onstage during the 65th GRAMMY Awards at Arena on February 05, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for The Recording Academy )

Last Sunday’s Grammy performance by Sam Smith and Kim Petras appears controversial – but not controversial enough.

Despite the fact that many famous people applauded and criticized the hell-themed performance at the Grammy Awards last weekend, it appears that the Church of Satan is not clapping.

According to magister David Harris who spoke to TMZ, the pop duo’s performance was “alright” and “nothing extraordinary.

According to David, who is a cardinal in their religion, the set evoked in Sam Smith and Kim Petras’ show, including the traditional red clothes, flames, and devil horns, is similar to what other viewers have seen from other artists. He claimed that the “Unholy” Grammy performance was simply boring and out of date.

Satanists are said to be unimpressed by Sam Smith and Kim Petras’ performance, which is defined as good-looking people dancing around in nice clothes while singing songs about adultery rather than Satanism.

In a demonic sense, the church representative stated that it was far more proactive than Sam or Kim.

Meanwhile, the Church of Satan has stated that Lil Nas X and his music video for “Montero” are one performance whose devil embodiment is on par with theirs.

Since in the video, Lil Nas X enters hell, kills Satan, and claims the devil’s throne for himself. It is said to be more in line with their ideas.

According to the outlet, Satanists do not worship Satan and do not regard God or the Devil as deities. They do not believe in the afterlife and are hostile to anything spiritual or supernatural.

Many people are outraged by the 2023 Grammy Awards results, and the performances of Sam Smith and Kim Petras have sparked a political and social media firestorm.

That evening, many people criticized their performance for encouraging Satan worship rather than celebrating the fact that they had made history for the LGBTQ community.

One person reportedly told Billboard:

“I know we on the right probably use the word satanic too frequently, but this performance by Sam Smith is truly a salute to Satan,”

As the duo won the Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, Sam invited Kim to take the stage to celebrate being the first transgender woman to win in the category.

She said in her speech:

“I just want to thank all the incredible transgender legends before me who kicked these doors open for me so I could be here tonight. Everyone who believed in me to this point, I love you so much.”