Britney Spears believes ex Kevin Federline influences sons’ decision not to fix relationship with her

UNSPECIFIED LOCATION - UNSPECIFIED DATE: In this handout photo provided by NBCUniversal, Britney Spears is pictured. Spears is the subject of the documentary "I Am Britney Jean" which details her personal and professional life. (Photo by Michelangelo Di Battista/Sony/RCA via Getty Images)

Despite allegedly being frozen out, Britney Spears longs for the day when she can reconcile with Sean Preston and Jayden.

According to sources, the “Baby One More Time” singer blames her ex-husband Kevin Federline for their children’s refusal to reunite with her.

According to Radar Online, Britney may have written thousands of elated requests to her boys to come to her house and sort things out.

She requires it more than anything else to regain her joy and focus.

Britney is estranged from her two sons, Sean (17) and Jayden (17). (16).

Kevin previously stated that their children want to avoid the drama surrounding the “Toxic” singer’s life, and they did not even attend her June wedding to Sam Asghari.

According to sources, the children are still dealing with Britney Spears’ social media shenanigans, such as her candid admissions and naked photos, which have recently increased since her conservatorship expired in November 2021.

Britney and her husband have also recently purchased a new $12 million home near Kevin Federline and Victoria Prince.

According to the source, their family’s turmoil did not end when her 13-year court-ordered conservatorship was terminated.

They also claimed that the constant conflict with her boys is a major source of stress for the “Womanizer” singer, who allegedly goes from “sad to mad” about it all.

Fortunately, Sam allegedly tells Britney that her sons need more time and will eventually change their minds.

According to a source, Britney’s heart is broken despite giving both children everything she has.

Jayden and Sean Federline spoke about their strained relationship with their famous pop star mother.

Jayden acknowledged that he does not dislike his mother but that what is broken can be “fixed.”

“It’ll simply take a lot of time and work; all I want is for her to get well psychologically, and when she does, I genuinely want to see her again.”

Jayden also expressed his love for his mother and his desire to meet Britney and talk one day.

Nonetheless, this allegation should be taken with a grain of salt because there is no proof that Britney Spears is being iced out by her children or that Kevin Federline is doing it on purpose.