Kelly Clarkson heartbreak: Singer reveals divorce with ex-husband impacts her kids

NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 28: Recording artist Kelly Clarkson attends the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards at Madison Square Garden on January 28, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS)

Kelly Clarkson has been open about her emotions following her messy divorce from her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock. Despite the unfortunate circumstances that brought them together, they have two children and are co-parenting.

In a recent podcast, the Emmy-winning host discussed her children’s emotions while living in a complicated family set up following her divorce.

Clarkson revealed to Angie Martinez’s “IRL” podcast that it had become her habit to check in on her children’s feelings more than a year after her divorce from ex-husband Brandon Blackstock was finalized.

Remy is seven years old, and River, her older child, is already eight and a half.

Clarkson admits:

“I ask my kids every night when we’re snuggling and I put them to bed, ‘Are you happy? And if you’re not, what could make you happier?'”

She claims that it “kills” her every time she asks the question. But she expected them to be truthful.

She recalled:

“I want them to be honest, so I don’t ever say, ‘Oh God, don’t tell me that,’ but a lot of times it would be like, ‘I’m just really sad. I wish Mommy and Daddy were in the same house.’ They’re really honest about it. I’m raising that kind of individual,”.

Clarkson affirms and assures her children after hearing their stories.

“I just sit there and I’m like, ‘I get it. I’m from a divorced family as well. I get it. That sucks. But we’re going to work it out. And you are so loved by both of us.'”

She also emphasized the importance of communicating with children and not treating them as adults or children. The singer of “My Life Would Suck Without You” describes her children’s feelings and emotions as “huge.”

Kelly teased the contents of her new album elsewhere in the interview.

According to the Grammy winner, her next album will cover every stage of her life, including her divorce.

She pointed out:

“There is sadness. There is rage. It’s a lot because you go through all those emotions. If you don’t hit all those, were you really in it?”

Clarkson is blunt in her description of the aftermath of her divorce:

“I was destroyed – like, on the ground, crying. That’s a loss. It’s a death.”