Shakira throws MAJOR shade to Gerard Pique’s mother in Bizarrap song due to this SHOCKING reason?

TOPSHOT - Colombian singer Shakira arrives for the screening of the film "Elvis" during the 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, southern France, on May 25, 2022. (Photo by LOIC VENANCE / AFP) (Photo by LOIC VENANCE/AFP via Getty Images)

Shakira has been open about her divorce from Gerard Pique, even mocking him on her collaborative track “Bzrp Music Sessions Vol. 3” with Bizarrap. Reports have recently been circulating online that a specific line in the song about her mother-in-law may have an explanation; read on for more information.

According to el Popular, the musician and her ex-husband’s mother, Monsterrat Bernabéu, did not get along during her relationship with her son.

According to the outlet, they don’t like each other because their relationship is “very tense,” and they don’t want to see each other regularly.

According to Semana Magazine, an insider told them that the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law duo had a big fight in the past.

The brawl became so heated that Bernabéu hit Shakira in front of Gerard Pique and their children.

The outlet reported:

“[The source] had already witnessed a serious discussion in which Montserrat Bernabéu hit Shakira in the face in front of Gerard and her children,”

There is alleged evidence that the mother-in-law ordered the Columbian singer to remain silent about their fight.

Shakira went to Monsterrat Bernabéu to cry on her shoulder during Gerard Pique’s alleged affair with his now-partner Clara Chia Marti.

Despite the Latin superstar’s emotional state, the mother reportedly knew everything because her son and lover “took refuge in a house owned by Pique’s parents” in Spain.

It is allegedly why the Colombian singer became enraged at her ex-mother-in-law and vented her rage in the song “Bzrp Music Sessions Vol. 3.”

The lyrics read translated from Spanish to English:

“You left me your mother as my neighbor, media outlets at my door and in debt with the government/ You thought you hurt me, but you made me stronger/ Women don’t cry anymore, they cash in,”

Shakira has yet to publicly confirm whether the abovementioned rumors are true as of this writing.