Katy Perry slammed for ‘mom-shaming’ ‘American Idol’ contestant: ‘It’s super lame!

It was a hurtful and offensive joke that coasted a talented contestant who deserved to win “American Idol.”

Sara Beth Liebe has decided to withdraw from the competition, but not before criticizing “American Idol” judge Katy Perry for making a “mom-shaming” joke.

Liebe said about the joke in a TikTok video:

“It was hurtful and that’s that. I think that women supporting and uplifting other women is so cool, and I think that mom shaming is super lame and I think that it’s hard enough to be a mom and it’s hard enough to be a woman.”

The retort follows Liebe’s first round of auditions, in which the judges–particularly Perry–were surprised to learn that she was a mother of three at the age of 25.

The contestant said:

“If Katy lays on the table, I think I’m going to pass out,”

Perry’s response, however, was not as flattering or humorous as she had hoped:

“Honey, you’ve been laying on the table too much.”

According to People, Liebe addressed the “joke” after several people contacted her and asked how she felt about it.

She said:

“I see all of the young moms and just moms in general … keep loving your babies. Nobody deserves to feel crappy about that. If you’re a good mama and you love your babies, that’s all that really matters. Other comments just don’t feel necessary,”

Liebe was called back to the stage a few days later, and she once again blew the judges away.

Perry, on the other hand, tried to persuade her to stay in the competition this time:

“I know life is scary. I also know that it’s easier to walk away than to be rejected.”

“But then, I also know that you lose out on your fullest potential. And I know that you love your family … I know that as a mother, but remember: Self-love is just as big as motherly love. Don’t leave the competition.”

The “Firework” singer’s advice was ignored, especially since Liebe had already decided to leave “American Idol” to care for her children.

The contestant explained:

“This opportunity is really rad, but this is actually going to be my last performance, because my heart’s at home. So, I’m going to get home to my babies. They kind of need me.”

“They reached out to me, and I’m so grateful. I’ve never had this much support with singing. And it’s mindblowing and so humbling and has made me realize how badly I want to do music. 6 months ago, I didn’t know that yet.”

“But I’m also allowed to make hard choices that are best for me. I took a chance on something big and said yes to a huge and very unexpected opportunity that was presented to me, and while it may not have been for me – in the process found myself again, met the most talented people I’ve ever had the honor of meeting (many of which are now close friends) and… fell in love with music again.”