Jesy Nelson suffers major career blow after release of comeback song ‘Bad Thing’

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 07: James Barr, Jesy Nelson and Fleur East at Hits Radio on October 07, 2021 in London, England. (Photo by Joe Maher/Getty Images for Bauer Media)

Jesy Nelson’s latest single, “Bad Thing,” did not fare well on the charts, resulting in a career setback.

Despite high expectations, Jesy Nelson’s latest single, “Bad Thing,” has failed to chart.

It is extremely disappointing for the former Little Mix singer, as it was her second single since the release of “Boyz” in October 2021, which also sparked controversy.

Despite its compelling and realistic depiction of an abusive relationship, the ballad has yet to appear in the Official Singles Chart Top 100 since it was updated on Sunday.

The music video, set in London’s East End and has a 1970s aesthetic, has only received 426,000 views, falling far short of its million-view goal.

On the other hand, domestic abuse charities have praised the film for its accurate portrayal of the issue.

Ahead of its release, the former Little Mix star said:

“I don’t feel like anyone’s heard this side of me before, it’s a real, raw, honest, vulnerable side to me.”

When the 31-year-old singer released her Nicki Minaj collaboration and accompanying music video in 2021, she faced a barrage of criticism.

She was accused of engaging in cultural appropriation by borrowing from black culture.

After finishing her contract with Polydor Records, Jesy and the label decided to part ways. Despite being on good terms, both agreed that it was best for them to part ways due to a musical divergence.

Jesy discussed her journey of self-discovery and exploration in an interview. She revealed that being alone pushed her to take more risks, mature, and gain independence.

She expressed how it empowered her and showed her that she could make music without relying on major record labels.

Jesy Nelson took to Instagram on Tuesday night to address a recent interview with The Sun in which she stated that it had been two years since she had spoken with her former Little Mix bandmates.

An emotional Jesy explained that the article was misconstrued and primarily focused on her departure from the band and rumors of conflict between them.

“We haven’t talked since then. Never say never, but I honestly wish them the best on their solo journeys now, which is so exciting.”