Luke Bell real cause of death: What happened when he went missing for 10 days?

performs at Tree Town Music Festival - Day 3 on May 27, 2017 in Heritage Park, Forest City, Iowa.

The deadly disappearance of country musician Luke Bell was reportedly not the first time he had vanished. Unfortunately, this time, he was found dead.

He is dealing with Bipolar Disorder, and while the autopsy is pending, it is already reported as the real cause of his death.

The late 32-year-manager, old’s Brian Buchanan, told TMZ that Bell never found a method to deal with his bipolar disease and had previously disappeared but was always located.

Buchanan said:

“Luke fought this as hard as he could, but the disease got the better of him. When he was beating the disease, he was the sweetest and most generous guy. He’s found peace now and there’s some comfort.”

Bell’s body was discovered on Monday in Tucson, Arizona, near where he was reported missing ten days earlier.

According to the publication, he and fellow country artist Matt Kinman were in town to visit Kinman’s relatives and perform music.

Before Bells vanished, the two had planned to get some dinner.

Bell’s official cause of death is still unknown, but many are linking it to this condition.

Kinman revealed to the music blog The Boot that his friend was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and that a recent medication change may have “played a factor” in his disappearance.

While he was prescribed medication, his manager is unsure whether he took it before his kidnapping.

A Bell spokesperson has been contacted for comment. Following the news of Bell’s death, members of the country music community paid tribute to him on social media.