How rapper Lil Dawg overcame poverty and criticism to become an internet sensation

Lil Dawg gave his first live performance when he was nine years old. Except for his family, no one in his surroundings supported his passion. Many people told Lil Dawg that he would never make it in the music industry and that his music was bad.

His detractors didn’t realize that the criticism made him stronger and more determined to achieve his goal. Lil Dawg has been trying to prove his detractors wrong ever since. Poverty was another obstacle that forced him to earn a living outside of music, but Lil Dawg also did it.

He works full-time as a social media marketer at Gateway, a well-known marketing firm founded by celebrity entrepreneur Carter Jamison. He is a team member that assists aspiring artists in getting their work noticed on social media through celebrity giveaways and engagement.

So far, the team has successfully motivated over 10,000 clients. This outstanding professional achievement did not deter Lil Dawg from pursuing his musical passion. Lil Dawg has performed at over 400 live shows while working as a social media marketer. He has performed at Brooklyn Unity Fest for three years in a row.

The 21-year-old rapper’s list of accomplishments does not stop there. Lil Dawg has over 70K Instagram followers, and his YouTube videos have over 80K views. He also has a strong Spotify presence and has been featured on Fox 5 NY News.

Lil Dawg has performed at Webster Hall NYC, Club Rebel, and The Emporium, opening for mainstream national artists and bands such as Mindless Behavior, Rip rapper, Chinx, Styles P, Coke Boys, and Freeway. He received awards from the 40th Precinct Community Council for National Night Out and the Love Of Sean Talent Show for his distinct rap style.

Throughout his career, Lil Dawg’s family has been his greatest source of support and strength. His devoted fan base has always kept him motivated to succeed. He believes in hard work and has a steely determination to achieve his goals.

Lil Dawg is honing his skills to release more unique, fresh music to his audience and eventually become a chart-topping rapper. He aspires to be a national recording and performing artist whose music captivates millions.

Lil Dawg is a role model for many aspiring artists looking to break into the music industry because of his work ethic and determination. For them, the young rapper has some sound advice:

“Invest in yourself and your career.”

That is how he is climbing the success ladder, and he believes that anyone can do the same.