Celine Dion ‘will never’ perform live again, surrounded by ‘bad people’?

TOPSHOT - Canadian singer Celine Dion performs on the opening night of her new world tour "Courage" at the Videotron Centre in Quebec City, Quebec, on September 18, 2019. (Photo by Alice Chiche / AFP) (Photo by ALICE CHICHE/AFP via Getty Images)

Speculations about Celine Dion’s health have been rampant on the Las Vegas strip. Although it is a small town, the Canadian songbird reigned as its sequined queen for fifteen years, singing to millions of fans. Unfortunately, an insider confirmed that her fears were correct, and she may no longer perform there live. The insider also expressed concern about who is truly looking after the legend, speculating that those around her may not have her best interests at heart.

According to Las Vegas journalist Scott Roeben, Dion built this home after her famous engagement at Caesars Palace.

People have been telling Roeben for years that Celine would not return to live performances, possibly ever, and it appears he cannot deny it.

Dion, who owes a large portion of her estimated $470 million fortune to her Las Vegas performances, put an end to the rumors this week by posting an emotional video on social media. The singer announced that she had stiff person syndrome and would be postponing or canceling her upcoming performances. She stated that she has had health issues for a long time and that it has been difficult for her to face these challenges and discuss everything she has been through.

According to a source close to the couple, things have been extremely difficult since René’s death. Her late husband was her rock and catered to all of her needs. Celine relied on him for everything, including management, economics, and music creation, and things have deteriorated since his death.

According to the source, she may never play live again. Dion has been unsure where to turn since the death of her husband.

The insider said:

“I’m not sure exactly who she has in her corner looking after her anymore, or if they have her best interests at heart. It’s true – she may not ever be able to perform live again.”

Muoz, 38, was seen with her as she adopted a new high-fashion image, favoring brands like Valentino. She told The Sun in 2019 that she has another man in her life, but he is not THE man in her life.

Dion was also aware that her devoted fans were worried about her health as a result of her dramatic weight loss. She attributed it to four weekly ballet classes and Muoz training, telling ABC News in 2019 that she’s fine despite being thin.