Ellie Goulding already knows what her next album will be about: ‘I used to cringe!

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 03: Ellie Goulding attends the 2022 BMI London Awards at The Savoy Hotel on October 03, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images for BMI London Awards)

Ellie Goulding is known for writing songs from the heart. However, she is passionate about one cause in particular and is finally ready to write about it.

Despite releasing what she calls her “least personal album,” Goulding is very much in touch with her feelings and emotions.

The English singer-songwriter told People magazine:

“I’m really particularly looking forward to touring because I just know I’m going to enjoy it,”

“Sometimes it’s tough performing the emotional songs over and over and over again.”

According to reports, the “Love Me Like You Do” singer will have to toughen up, especially since her next album’s inspiration will bring most people to tears.

Goulding admitted:

“People used to sometimes say to me, ‘Will you ever write about the environment?’ I used to cringe at that.  Now, I’m not so sure anymore. It’s starting to make me so angry to the point where I think it’s going to end up in a few songs at some point on an album.”

The singer’s commitment to the environment has always been strong, but it has likely grown stronger in recent years–after all, she now has a son who will grow up in the world she advocates for.

According to The News, Goulding has become increasingly concerned and irritated by world leaders’ “lack of urgency to reduce pollution and its effects.”

The “Lights” singer hopes that through her music and popularity, more people will learn to advocate against climate change and demand action.

She said:

“It’s kind of frustrating in this day and age. We just want more venues to be accessible with that stuff, and they’re not still. They’re small steps, but if I can inspire every single tour of every musician to go in that direction, I feel like I would’ve achieved something.”

Goulding was born in Hereford, England, and developed an early interest in music.

She began learning to play the clarinet at the age of nine and the guitar at the age of fourteen. She was already writing her songs by the age of 15.