PlayStation to hire senior director for PC planning and strategy: PC Versions of major PS titles

playstation-to-hire-senior-director-for-pc-planning-and-strategy-pc-versions-of-major-ps-titles Photo by Karolina Grabowska/Pexels

Sony has just posted a new job listing for PlayStation to make more PS games accessible to PC players. This means that exclusive PlayStation games could be coming to PC in the future.

Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft when it comes to console and PC games

According to the story by Screen Rant, while Nintendo has made most of their games exclusive for their consoles, Microsoft has been releasing titles “on PC for years.” Sony, on the other hand, had seen great success when it comes to exclusive console games and PC games.

God of War, Days Gone, and Horizon Zero Dawn are just three of the many games that were previously exclusive to the PlayStation 4 that can now be played on the PC with improved performance and additional features.

Newly released PC versions of console games top best selling list

When the games become available on PC, they usually top the best sellers list on Steam with players comparing the PC version of the game with its console version. Screen Rant notes that the hiring could be Sony’s way to add to its library of games available on PC.

PlayStation posted a job listing to look for a Senior Director for PC Planning and Strategy. The title aims to allow the company to release more PC titles. Game Rant stated that the company is hiring someone to fill the Senior position in order to increase PlayStation’s PC market presence.

Sony Job Posting

The Sony job posting was pointed out by Benji-Sales on Twitter and highlighted the development and implementation of a “global PC store strategy and process.” Sony’s new job posting can be found on , and as per the posting, the role will focus on optimizing PC sales growth and commercial hub.

One requirement for the position is a consistent track record which indicates that Sony is looking for someone with the position in this field to fill the title of Senior Director for PC Planning and Strategy.

Senior Director for PC planning and strategy responsibilities

The job posting indicated more focus on the business side of Sony’s PC business, with a line indicating the role is responsible to “deliver PC budget and all revenue targets” and making sure that activity plans are in line with players.