Naomi Judd death 2022: Is Larry Strickland responsible for wife’s shocking demise?

naomi-judd-death-2022-is-larry-strickland-responsible-for-wifes-demise LOUISVILLE, KY - OCTOBER 12: Naomi Judd attends her induction into the Kentucky Legends Hall of Fame at Down One Bourbon Bar on October 12, 2013 in Louisville, Kentucky. (Photo by Stephen Cohen/Getty Images)

Naomi Judd committed suicide in April after a long and difficult battle with mental illness.

Despite the fact that it was her choice, her husband, Larry Strickland, appears to be responsible for her death.

Larry and Naomi’s daughters Wynonna and Ashley, according to Radar Online, would hide guns at their Tennessee mansion so the singer-songwriter wouldn’t have access to them.

Larry had always been concerned about Naomi’s fragile emotions, according to a tip.

“He was never at ease leaving her alone because he did not trust her emotional state.”

According to reports, Larry is overcome with grief over his wife’s death.

“He’s expressed regret because the gun she used was his – and it wasn’t locked up.”

According to Ashley Judd’s biography, she witnessed her mother arguing with and even shooting at a man she had brought home.

Naomi had a wild streak and was “honestly deadly” with weapons, according to the insider.

While Naomi Judd’s death was tragic, it was allegedly unavoidable.

“It would be best for the family and everyone if the authorities made their findings public, putting Naomi and the entire situation to rest.”

The 76-year-old country singer shot herself after returning from a trip to Austria after threatening suicide.

Naomi was terrified of going on tour with her daughter Wynonna as part of The Judds, as previously revealed by OK magazine, fearing that her beauty would fade. It’s unclear whether this was the only reason she committed suicide.

Could Larry Strickland’s guilt, on the other hand, be one of the reasons the Judd family as a whole is attempting to prevent the publication of data relating to Naomi Judd’s death?

According to sources, the heartbreaking circumstances surrounding Naomi’s suicide were kept hidden.

According to the Judd family’s lawyer, the Judd family is suffering from significant trauma and irreparable injury in the form of emotional grief, pain, and mental anguish, which is why the circumstances surrounding Naomi’s death should not be made public.

They also claimed that because the data would be available online for a long time, it would cause the family emotional and public distress years after the disaster.

Meanwhile, Larry Strickland has complete control of Naomi Judd’s inheritance, which is valued at $25 million.

Wynonna and Ashley were not mentioned in her will.