Angelina Jolie health 2022: Brad Pitt’s ex checked herself at hospital because of extreme weight loss and eating disorder?

angelina-jolie-health-2022-brad-pitts-ex-checked-herself-at-hospital-because-of-extreme-weight-loss-and-eating-disorder MAICAO, COLOMBIA - JUNE 08: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNCHR) Special Envoy Angelina Jolie delivers a speech during a press conference after visiting a refugee camp in the border between Colombia and Venezuela on June 8, 2019 in Maicao, Colombia. UN and International Organization for Migration (IOM) announced yesterday that 4 million of Venezuelans have left their country since 2015 due to the social, political and economic crisis, which means they are of the single largest population groups displaced from their country globally. The camp in Maicao has 60 tents which can accommodate up to 350 people. Due to high demand, UNHCR is considering an expansion to give shelter to 1,400 people. Colombia it the top host of Venezuelan migrants and refugees, accounting 1.3 million. (Photo by Guillermo Legaria/Getty Images)

Angelina Jolie was pictured outside a hospital in Burbank, California, last year. Days later, the National Enquirer claimed to have discovered what Jolie was doing there.

The tabloid said in its September 13 edition that there have always been concerns about Jolie’s weight and eating habits. So she went to the hospital to get looked out.

An unnamed tipster claimed:

“Angelina is being coy about the exact reason for her visit, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure something’s not right there. The hope is that she was there for a routine checkup. Assuming that’s the case, it’s obviously a good thing she’s taking proactive steps to look after herself.”

However, the insider added that Jolie’s current hospital admission still raises concerns due to the length of her stay. And because she apparently does not appear healthy, something severe might be happening to the actress.

The informant furthered:

“Angie has accomplished so much in her life but she’s hard on herself and her body. Her nonexistent eating habits have been the elephant in the room for longer than anyone can remember. Hopefully, this hospital visit went smoothly and it’s the start of a healthy new chapter for her – but only time will tell.”

On a lighter side, the source claims Jolie is also concerned about varicose veins. And, because they have become unattractive, she want to have them permanently removed.

The same tabloid stated months ago that Jolie’s veins are protruding all over her body due to her extreme thinness. And she intends to get surgery to conceal the unattractive veins.

Several months have passed, but Jolie has never undergone surgery other than for a double mastectomy or to have her ovaries and fallopian tube removed.