Jennifer Lopez revelation: Marc Anthony’s children to live under Ben Affleck’s roof?

jennifer-lopez-revelation-marc-anthonys-children-to-live-under-ben-afflecks-roof LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 08: Jennifer Lopez attends the Los Angeles Special Screening of "Marry Me" on February 08, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reportedly have a child custody plan that works.

According to New Idea, the newlyweds have agreed that Lopez’s twin children, Max and Emme, will live with their stepfather. The children of Affleck will continue to reside with their mother, Jennifer Garner.

Emme and Max would also have frequent access to their father, Marc Anthony. The twins can either see their father or Anthony can see them when he visits Affleck’s residence.

According to a source, Lopez and Affleck have pledged there will be no issues with their children’s living arrangements. It stated:

“Ben is crazy about her twins, and she’s already shown to be a great stepmother to his children, which means the world to him. Jennifer’s twins will live with her and Ben and will visit their dad, Marc. But Ben’s brood will live with their mom close by while visiting Ben often.”

According to the insider, Lopez and Affleck are deeply in love and will do whatever to make their relationship succeed. It said:

“Ben and Jennifer are very much in love, and they know they must put the past behind them. They look forward to building a life together and have to accept the fact their one-time baby dream just isn’t going to come true.”

The same tabloid said earlier this week that Lopez and Affleck are desperate to have their own child. Due to Lopez’s advanced age, the couple could no longer have their own child.

And because Lopez is already in her 50s, she is unable to freeze her eggs and put them in her surrogate’s uterus. Adoption is, therefore, the couple’s only option if they wish to have a child.

However, a source indicated that adoption is not the couple’s first priority. Therefore, they have agreed to focus on their own children and dote on one another’s.

Also, it makes sense that Emme and Max would move in with Affleck. Indeed, their mother, Lopez, will also reside with her new spouse.

Regarding Affleck’s children, they cannot live with him because their arrangement is for them to live with their mother, which they will continue to do.