James Gunn revelation: ‘Guardian of the Galaxy’ director also has lists of actors he refuses to work with

attends the premiere of Disney And Marvel's "Ant-Man And The Wasp" on June 25, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.

James Gunn, like Brad Pitt, has a list of Hollywood actors with whom he refuses to work.

As one of Hollywood’s most sought-after directors, Gunn is bound to receive offers from actors eager to work with him on his films and television shows. Unfortunately, he is not willing to work with anyone.

On Twitter, the “Guardians of the Galaxy” director responded to fan questions about his work as a director. One person asked him what he would say if an actor “didn’t work out” with him.

The fan specifically inquired about Gunn’s approach to actors with temperament and chemistry issues, to which he answered:

“I’ll immediately recast. Life’s too short for a——-. Same if they’re repeatedly very late, which I hate, or unprepared. I have a long list of actors, A-list & otherwise, I’ll never work with for these reasons…”

In another tweet, Gunn clarified that he could work with actors who give their all to a project despite their lack of performance. For the director, he would look into every possible way to make everything work with a hardworking actor without sacrificing the project’s quality.

He went on to say that this usually happens to well-known actors who do not fit his works.

After discussing his list, he also discussed how he selects “a**hole” actors for his projects. He stated that he would not hire “jerks” and that he knew some actors who possessed that trait and would never consider hiring them.

Although he did not specifically name the actors he did not want to collaborate with, Gunn did take the time to reveal that John Cena is one of the best people to work with.

He mentioned that the WWE legend is always prepared and on time for recording sessions.

In the 2021 film “The Suicide Squad,” Gunn and Cena collaborated. The wrestler portrayed Peacemaker, the same character he portrayed in Gunn’s HBO Max series “Peacemaker.”

Brad Pitt’s “sh*t list of actors” was revealed by his “Bullet Train” co-star, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, after Gunn’s list.

Taylor Johnson revealed (via Variety) at the Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland that Angelina Jolie’s estranged husband has “good” and “sh*t” lists.