Trisha Paytas shock: Here’s why singer trended online together with Queen Elizabeth

onstage during The 8th Annual Streamy Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on October 22, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California.

Trisha Paytas took over social media yesterday as her child’s birth was eagerly anticipated by many, while everyone awaited the late Queen Elizabeth II’s health status.

The news of her dilation followed yesterday’s reports of the Queen’s failing health.

Several musicians and artists, including notable British figures such as Elton John, Harry Styles, and even Paul McCartney, have paid their respects to Queen Elizabeth II’s passing.

Trisha Paytas, 34, is a vlogger and singer who rose to prominence on YouTube.

Paytas has been a source of contention in recent Twitter and YouTube culture, with accusations ranging from anti-Semitism to racial microaggressions to cultural and religious appropriation.

Aside from her controversial viewpoints, Paytas has dabbled in music, releasing a flurry of songs at the height of her career as a YouTube content creator.

Most notably, Trisha Paytas released her song “I Love You Jesus,” originally intended to be a gospel song but later reduced by stan Twitter and other netizens to a recurring meme used when someone encounters a terrifying situation.

Paytas announced last February 14 that she expects her first child after marrying her husband Moses Hacmon in 2021.

A netizen pointed out yesterday, as Queen Elizabeth was announced to be under medical supervision, that Paytas is already 1cm dilated.

While everyone on Twitter was waiting for an update on Queen Elizabeth II’s health yesterday, some remarked on the unlikely coincidence of Trisha Paytas’ baby being born on the same day the Queen’s health was failing.

When Buckingham Palace officially announced the Queen’s death hours later, a slew of memes and tweets appeared, claiming that Trisha Paytas’ daughter was the Queen’s reincarnation.

Strange theories and memes continue circulating on the social media platform, albeit as a joke to some – gullible users are confused as to whether Trisha Paytas’ baby is the Queen or not.

Since Queen Elizabeth II’s death, tributes from world leaders, music icons, and even celebrities have poured in from all over the world.