Kanye West shock: Rapper teams up with Kim Kardashian’s ex Ray-J to do this to ‘The Kardashians’ star

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Fans believe Ray J and Kanye West are plotting a war against Kim Kardashian, their ex.

They believe they are conspiring to bring down the entire Kardashian-Jenner family.

Ray J, who appeared in the infamous sex tape with the SKIMS MOGUL that helped build her family’s global empire, launched an attack on Kris Jenner over the weekend after they discussed the film on “The Late Late Show with James Corden.”

After her appearance on the show, Ray J went on Instagram Live to refute the momagers’ claims, hurling obscenities and charges at her famous family.

He even threatened Kim and Kris with defamation lawsuits.

Later, several fans noticed who was watching Ray J’s show: Kanye.

One Redditor observed the “Donda” rapper snooping on Instagram Live, and then one commenter said:

“They are certainly concocting a covert plan to destroy Kim once and for all.”

However, a third person mentioned Ray J and Kanye’s long history of feuding but wondered:

“I wonder if that still applies and he was watching out of curiosity or what?”

According to a fourth source, keeping adversaries close may benefit the father of four, saying:

“This could be Kanye’s chance to achieve what he wants.”

“He doesn’t want his kids in the spotlight, so if this ruins the Karjenners career then maybe the kids can grow up ‘normal.'”

The 41-year-old musician reiterated his claims that Kris Jenner’s “plan” was to expose his 2007 sex video with Kim Kardashian in a lengthy outburst on Saturday.

“Now you want to make it seem like I’m doing it again without your control. All those fake tears. Your fans trusting you to be honest and sincere but it’s all fake for the cameras. I was playing my part until you started doing all of this!”

Ray J also displayed the original sex tape contract, which stated that he and Kim were paid $400,000.

The singer stated:

“There’s no way I could use Kim Kardashian’s name in this contract if she weren’t a part of it, right?”

Ray J claims on the page outlining the contract deliverables that Kim made the list of three cassettes to speed up the process for him.

He insisted that the letter was written by Kim and even showed her a previous letter to compare handwriting.