Prince Harry was ‘angry’ during Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral, expert says

Britain's Prince Harry attends the Adam Tower project introduction and global partnership between, SkyScanner, CTrip, TripAdvisor and Visa in Amsterdam on September 3, 2019 an initiative led by the Duke of Sussex to change the travel industry to better protect tourist destinations and communities that depend on it. (Photo by Koen van Weel / ANP / AFP) / Netherlands OUT (Photo credit should read KOEN VAN WEEL/AFP via Getty Images)

According to a royal expert, Prince Harry was “angry” during his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral.

Dickie Arbiter reflected on the Duke of Sussex’s body language during the sad state funeral last September 19. He claimed that the former royal showed his displeasure by accompanying his family to the funeral of the previous king or queen.

According to Express, the former butler turned royal expert claimed in an episode of True Royalty TV’s “The Royal Beast” that when looking at images of Prince Harry, everyone was displaying solemnity like everyone else. His body language, however, conveyed anger.

The topic of his relationship with Prince William was then raised, with royal editor Duncan Larcombe bringing up their ongoing feud.

Larcombe compares Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s behavior to that of the Kardashians and the British royal family.

“Netflix is following them around, and they’re selling off the entire royal brand to the highest bidder.”

Prince Harry appears to have had second thoughts about releasing his much-anticipated biography so close to Queen Elizabeth II’s death. It’s not clear what Prince Harry was upset about.

According to recent reports, the British royal family is concerned about what the Duke of Sussex may reveal in his book.

Per Richard Kay:

“There is still that potential that Harry is having second thoughts about when he will publish this book at all, and that the entreaties of the Royal Family have not gone on deaf ears.”

Another royal expert claims that the explosive book is to blame for the strained atmosphere at Buckingham Palace and that the royal family is preparing for the publication in a “bolts and braces” manner.

According to Katie Nicholl, Prince Harry is unlikely to cancel the book at this time because doing so would necessitate returning half of the substantial advance money he has already received from the publishers.

She told the Duke and Duchess of Sussex:

“They’re not afraid to have a go at members of the Royal Family, the Oprah interview put the Royals at the center of a highly heated storm over those charges of racism.”

Belts and braces are needed, but she said:

“I cannot think that the prince will hand back half of that money and cancel the book.”

Last year, Prince Harry revealed his intentions for the book, stating that he would write it as the “guy I have become” rather than as a royal family member.