Britney Spears’ ‘conservatorship past’ used against her after following Meghan Markle’s action

LAS VEGAS, NV - SEPTEMBER 21: Singer Britney Spears introduces a performance by Miley Cyrus during the iHeartRadio Music Festival at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on September 21, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Clear Channel)

An Iranian government spokesperson has questioned Britney Spears’ mental health following her support for women’s rights protests in Iran. She only did what Meghan Markle did, but the backlash appears to be much more severe. Her conservatorship history is effectively being used against her, implying that she should not be giving her two cents on certain issues.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether her fans will be swayed by this diss.

According to the Islamic Republic News Agency’s official Twitter account, Britney Spears was placed under her father’s conservatorship in 2008 due to mental health issues, implying that she should not be so outspoken about their country’s regulations regarding women’s rights.

More personal attacks followed, detailing how the conservatorship gave Britney’s father control over her income and personal life, including her pregnancy, remarriage, and visits with her teenage sons.

They also included a screenshot of a separate response to Spears’ tweet from a different person who replied:

“Nice talk. Can you now handle your own finances?”

All of these nasty tweets were in response to a tweet by Spears, 40, and her Iranian-American husband, Sam Asghari, 28.

The actress’s tweet reveals that she and her husband back the Iranian women’s fight for freedom.

The Iranian government appeared to be determining whether Spears was in a fit state to comment on the unrest rocking the country, which is ruled by a cabal of radical Islamic clerics.

Asghari posted a video on Instagram in September explaining why he supported the Iranian protesters.

Following the death of Mahsa Amini, women across Iran have demonstrated against gender inequality. The 22-year-old woman died in police custody after being arrested for allegedly violating the Muslim nation’s strict morals regulations, which require women to cover their hair.

The IRNA has repeatedly tried to divert attention from the police by claiming Amini died of a heart attack, although Amini’s family claims she was murdered.

Meghan Markle and other celebrities have previously expressed their support for the Iranian women protesting. Markle made an unexpected appearance at Spotify’s offices on Tuesday, speaking in support of the Iranian protests while wearing a blouse with a Farsi slogan. The Duchess of Sussex wore a shirt with the Farsi words “Women, Life, Freedom” embroidered on the front.

Markle brought two Iranian female executives from her company Archewell: Ashley Hansen, executive vice president of global communications, and Mandana Dayani, president.