Shania Twain risked voice to record album? Singer had to ‘relearn’ how to sing

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND - SEPTEMBER 24: Singer Shania Twain attends the opening ceremony of the 16th Zurich Film Festival at Kino Corso on September 24, 2020 in Zurich, Switzerland. The Zurich Film Festival 2020 takes place from September 24 until October 3. (Photo by Thomas Niedermueller/Getty Images for ZFF)

There is a significant difference between Shania Twain’s voice before and after her bout with Lyme Disease, which damaged her vocal cords and left her fearing she would never be able to perform or make music again.

Her upcoming album “Queen of Me” will be her first since undergoing a series of invasive surgeries as a result of her illness.

In an interview with TalkShopLive, Twain stated:

“For me, this album means so, so much about my decision-making and the courage to get the operation, knowing that I may never even be able to sing again after the surgery.”

She explained that her decision to press on and record an album was “a big decision,” but it paid off.

After her surgeries, the country singer had to “relearn” how to sing.

“Every day that I was recording I was testing the new voice. Getting on the mic in the studio, it’s so vulnerable.

You can’t drown it out with production or a band or mixing or anything like that until much, much later on.”


The album, which will be released on February 3, has been a long-time project for Twain, who had to navigate her way around using her “new voice” and the fear of losing it again.

The 57-year-old singer, however, chose to push through a “fear zone” and strike while the iron was hot.

She added:

“What’s even more precious to me is that I don’t know if the procedure that I had will last forever.”

While there is a chance she will lose her voice again, Twain revealed that she has considered different ways to continue her music career, such as having another go at the operation or writing music for other artists.

“I will gladly do that, and, again, it will be another decision that I will have to make as the queen of me. Some decisions are tougher than others.”

Twain hopes to reclaim her throne with her upcoming sixth studio album, “Queen of Me,” which will be her first album since 2017’s “Now.”

Twain is not only releasing an album, but he is also embarking on a tour to promote it.

According to reports, the world tour currently has 49 confirmed dates, with stops in several cities across North America and Europe, and she will be joined by Kelsea Ballerini, Kelly Clarkson, Kelly Breland, Hailey Whitters, and others.

Twain announced the tour via Instagram, writing:

“These days, I’m feeling very comfortable in my own skin – and I think this album reflects that musically. Life is short and I want to be uplifted, colorful, unapologetic, and empowered. I want to carry a clear message, particularly as a woman, to always remember my power and I hope the songs are a reminder to you, of that same power inside you!”