Britney Spears scares followers with THIS eerie video: ‘She has no chance of recovering!

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On Saturday night, Britney Spears had an odd Instagram outburst, mocking a “famous” person and calling this mysterious personality a “piece of s**t.”

Spears posted her expletive-laden rant beneath a sarcastic image of a 17th-century noblewoman wearing dark shades.

Between publishing a pair of bizarre videos of herself parading around her home in a wedding veil, the 40-year-old pop artist unleashed her latest diatribe. Many people thought the outfit was quite eerie. Some don’t care what she’s ranting about anymore; they just care that she’s back with another rage-filled post with a creepy vibe.

Circus’ vocalist peppered her message with sick looks and shrugging female emojis before concluding her jaw-dropping caption. She wrote that she, too, is only human.

Britney’s grand finale was a not-so-subtle “F**K YOU!”

Since her conservatorship expired last year, Spears has been using her mighty Instagram as a flamethrower, so only time will tell if she will reveal the identity of the latest target.

The renowned singer, who has 41.7 million Instagram followers, ended her outburst with two bizarre videos of her posing in nightgowns and wearing her great-grandmother’s veil.

Spears wears several revealing satin and lace nightgowns while dancing to Try a Little Tenderness by Otis Redding in the first video mashup. Her signature blonde hair is unkempt, and she has darkened her eyes with black eyeshadow, smudged liner, and thick mascara.

Britney is primping and posing for the camera in both films, but the second video includes a statement that provides context for her wedding veil, stating that it is stunning and belonged to her great-grandmother.

On the other hand, followers are unconcerned, claiming that this is yet another sign that Spears is dealing with a serious problem that must be addressed. Some stated that they could no longer constantly monitor her posts, with some claiming that this is a sign that she will never recover from what happened to her as a result of the conservatorship.

Britney’s conservatorship, which lasted 13 years, ended one year ago. She took to Instagram to vent about her day and her estranged father, Jamie, whom she is suing for abuse of conservatorship. Spears stated solemnly that October 19, 2021, was the first time in “almost 15 years” that she received her ATM card to make independent transactions, which was a big deal for her. So much so that her first purchase had her shaking.