Nick Cannon gets candid about having more kids after welcoming 12th child

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JUNE 25: Nick Cannon speaks onstage at Hip Hop & Mental Health: Facing The Stigma Together at The GRAMMY Museum on June 25, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

Nick Cannon isn’t thinking about starting a family.

During CNN’s “New Year’s Eve Live” broadcast in Times Square, Andy Cohen asked the “Masked Singer” host about a “endgame” for having more children, joking that the father of 12 appears to be “single-handedly repopulating the Earth.” On December 14, Cannon and model Alyssa Scott welcomed their first child.

Cohen asked Cannon, People reported:

“What is your plan?”

Cannon replied:

“Clearly, I don’t have a plan. Honestly man, it’s just so much joy and elation that I have, the family that I have, and I embrace it. I love it, and I don’t have a plan. That should have been clear from the jump.”

Cohen, who was co-hosting the live show with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, then asked if he was interested in having a vasectomy.

The “Gigolo” singer said:

“Is that what you want me to get? It’s my body, my choice.”

As for his advice for new fathers, Cannon said:

“Just operate out of love. I mean some people may say that’s what got us here in the first place, but that’s what I would always do, and always do it with a smile.”

The topic eventually shifted to New Year’s resolutions. When asked about his goals for 2023, Mariah Carey’s ex-husband reiterated his previous statement, saying he doesn’t make any.

Cannon told the hosts:

“Like I said, I’m just so happy for health, and want to continue to be as healthy and filled with as much gratitude as possible for the next year.”

Cannon and Scott welcomed their 12th child, Halo Marie Cannon, last month. Halo arrived a year after the death of the couple’s son Zen, who died at the age of 5 months due to brain cancer.

Scott captioned a video of her pregnancy and delivery on Instagram:

“December 14, 2022. Our lives are forever changed. Zen is in every breath I take. I know his spirit was with us in the room that morning. I know he is watching down on us. He shows me signs every day. I will hold onto this memory forever.”

She added:

“I will remember the sound of Nick’s voice saying ‘it’s a girl’ and the look of everything we’ve been through flash across his face. I will remember the sound of her crying out with her first breath and feeling her heartbeat against mine. My sweet girl, I got my surprise!! We love you, Halo Marie Cannon!”

In 2022, Cannon will have three more children. Onyx Ice Cole Cannon, the daughter of former “Price is Right” model LaNisha Cole, arrived in September. Rise Messiah Cannon, his daughter with model Brittany Bell, was born nine days later. Beautiful Zeppelin Cannon, his daughter with Abby De La Rosa, was born in November.

Cannon previously stated on Paramount+’s “The Checkup with Dr. David Agus” that he felt guilty for not spending enough time with all of his children.

He said:

“Being a father of multiple kids, it’s always the biggest guilt on me is that I don’t get to spend enough time with all my children, one ’cause I’m constantly working and two because I’m just spread thin.”