Drake hints summer tour with 21 Savage-leaks confirmed?

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 30: Drake attends Drake's Till Death Do Us Part rap battle on October 30, 2021 in Long Beach, California. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Drake’s hands and schedule are going to be pretty full this year because he just listed everything he has planned: new music and a tour.

Drake fans were caught off guard, according to reports, when a Twitter account, OnThinIce, revealed leaks of the Canadian rapper’s rumored upcoming tour.

The account leaked some of the alleged tour’s dates and cities, including Chicago, Detroit, Glendale, Charlotte, Miami, Atlanta, Foxborough, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Inglewood, Santa Clara, Arlington, and others.

Furthermore, this tour is dubbed the “It’s All a Blur Tour,” despite the fact that neither Drake nor 21 Savage’s teams have confirmed it.

According to leaks, the tour will begin on May 26 in the Grand Chapitaeu at Soldier Field in Chicago and conclude on July 16 in Arlington’s AT&T Stadium.

While neither side has confirmed the leak, fans believe it is reliable because the “Jimmy Cooks” rapper has expressed interest in returning to the road.

He said in a recent interview:

“[…] Yeah, man, I’m just looking forward to going. It’s like one thing to make the music but to see it is the most gratifying feeling,”

According to Variety, in addition to the rumored tour, Drake is working on new material—possibly a new album.

The rapper reflected on his career and how he was able to achieve his goals during his appearance at the SiriusXM concert.

“I’ve thought about a bunch of things in life, but at this moment in time none of those things are stopping making music for you, so I’ll be here for you for a little bit at least. And I hope I can strike up more emotions for you, maybe this year. I might get bored and make another one, who knows!”

He continued:

“I don’t know how the f**k we made it here, but we did.”

He didn’t say much about the rumored tour and new album, though he did allude to it in his speech, so that has to count for something, right?

Fans appear to believe so, especially since the Twitter account responsible for the rumored tour is known to be in the business of leaking similar information, according to reports.

A fan wrote:

“Drake & 21 Savage are going on tour this summer and I will go by myself if I have to,”

Another added:

“Them drake and 21 savage tour tickets gonna be astronomically high.”

“Drake and 21 Savage rumored to be going a tour this summer? Think I may have to check that out.”

Another fan even said:

“I’ll trade my grandmother for a Drake and 21 savage tour ticket rs.”