Kanye West files trademark for THESE phrases: Trolling or business move?

NEW YORK - OCTOBER 21: Rapper, writer and director Kanye West attends the "Runaway" New York premiere at Landmark's Sunshine Cinema on October 21, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Kanye West has done it again. He applied for trademarks for some not-so-appropriate-for-work phrases, leaving fans wondering if he was joking or if it was a legitimate business move.

According to reports, West registered the words “Tremendez” and “Good to hear from you b***h” as trademarks. This was due to a feud with Tremain Emory, who is no longer his friend.

Emory took to Instagram after releasing his highly controversial shirt that read “White Lives Matter.”

West used Virgil Abloh as a metaphor in his speech during his Paris show. He allegedly accused LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault of being responsible for Abloh’s death, claiming he was overworked while suffering from terminal cancer.

Emory, creative director of Supreme, was not having it:

“I gotta draw the line at you using Virgil’s death in your ‘Ye’ is the victim campaign in front of your sycophant peanut gallery.”

He wrote:

“[…] You are so broken. Keep [Virgil’s] name out [of] your mouth. […] You’re not a victim, [you’re] just an insecure narcissist that’s dying for validation from the fashion world.”

West did what he always does after a public call-out: he posted screenshots. His conversation with the creative director was depicted in the screenshots.

“Good to hear from you, b***h,” he said to Emory, which became one of the phrases he eventually trademarked.

“I hated Virgil’s designs and you did [too]. If you loved his designs so much, why [are] you and Luke not wearing it head to toe?”

“Christine told me he didn’t have cancer, and I believed her. People don’t tell me things.”

West did not rest on his laurels. He pursued Emory once more. He shared a photo of the word “Tremendez” stylized in the style of Supreme’s distinctive logo.

In the caption, he wrote:

“and to Tremain, I’m changing your name [forever.] Tremain’s new name as the BLM Officer at Supreme is Tremendez.”

It became another inspiration behind his trademark filing.

“Companies don’t hire creative directors, they fire BLM officers. For all the people that hate you and your weak ass pants and know you only got the job since you were black […]”

“You don’t have the money to make it out of this one alive. This is the worst mistake of your life.”

“[…] You broke my heart, Tremendez. I only took you off the streets, Tremendez, only cause you [were] the struggle version of Virgil. You broke my heart, Tremendez.”

According to reports, West wore clothing with the word “Tremendez” on it.

The 45-year-old rapper gets his laughs from making fun of Emory and bullying him online. Emory has yet to respond to West’s jabs at him as of this writing.