Taylor Swift ‘Mastermind’ TikTok trend divides the internet – Here’s why

NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 07: Taylor Swift performs onstage during Z100's Jingle Ball 2012, presented by Aeropostale, at Madison Square Garden on December 7, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by Kevin Kane/Getty Images for Jingle Ball 2012)

Taylor Swift released her number-one album “Midnights,” which sparked a TikTok craze.

Social media couldn’t stop buzzing after the release of the new album, and it’s no surprise that the singer’s songs spawned multiple TikTok trends, most notably “MasterMind.”

TikTok users were particularly taken with the song because the lyrics discuss entering a “by design” relationship while pretending it was an accident or a happenstance.

The song sparked a trend in which people reveal details about how they got into relationships.

Taylor Swift is well-known for her sympathetic stance on relationship issues. After all, the majority of her songs are about loss and betrayal.

TikTok users, on the other hand, thought the lyrics to “Mastermind” were extremely relevant, comparing them to their cases of “boyfriend acquisition.”

According to one user, after her lover sought them out, she messaged him on Instagram with 20 book recommendations.

She then admitted to reading through his posts and attempting to impress him by recommending his favorite novels, despite having never read the books she recommended.

The user described how she loaned him a book hoping to secure a second date and how it kept her on his mind “until Thanksgiving break, and now we’re married.”

Another TikTok user explained how she persuaded her mother to hire her boyfriend as a math tutor so she could spend more time with him. She continued, saying they had been dating for three years.

Another user stated that she discovered a band on a streaming site, learned their songs’ lyrics and began tagging them on her Instagram Stories to set up a date.

She explained:

“I told him I didn’t really know anything about his music, and now we’ve been dating for two years.”

While some appear to be enjoying the trend, with some hoping their luck will come when designing relationships with their favorite celebrities, others aren’t.

One person stated that they did not want to have to play games to find love in their lives.

Another person commented that some of the stories seemed overly dramatic for the trend’s sake.

Another social media user suggested that girls pay attention to what guys like so they don’t come across as “weird and lying.”