Yungblud opens up about trauma over parents’ dark relationship

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 14: YUNGBLUD attends Spotlight: YUNGBLUD at The GRAMMY Museum on September 14, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

Yungblud revealed that his childhood was marred by his parents’ “abusive” relationship.

Dominic Harrison, the 25-year-old musician, grew up in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England, with his parents and two younger sisters.

He claims, however, that the couple’s heated arguments and problems at the family’s guitar shop made him unhappy.

In Louis Theroux’s new BBC series “Louis Theroux Interviews…”, the musician explained that his parents had this strange, beautifully dark relationship that he couldn’t explain. He claims he has never seen two people love each other as much as they do, but he also claims he has never seen two people hurt each other as much.

He revealed that his parents abused him physically, mentally, and emotionally, which affected how he grew up around them. This inspired him to always want to build a place where he could exist to escape the events that were going on around him.

Along with his son, Justin’s parents appear on the show, and during their arguments with Samantha, Justin remarked that they did shout at each other excessively. As a result, he continued to attend weekly counseling sessions for rage issues. He claimed to have become much more tranquil in recent years, but he needed counseling to control my angry outbursts, so he got it. Samantha added that they were only 16 years old when they first met, and while she is not justifying their behavior, their youth has undoubtedly influenced how they react to things.

She stated that they have grown to respect one another after many years of counseling. She went on to say that she felt “quite guilty” after reading interviews her son had given about his childhood, and the singer burst into tears when he revealed that the family’s problems had not yet been resolved.

He went on to say that the whole thing terrifies him. It’s difficult. He implies that they have not yet resolved many issues together. At the very least, this can change.

He did, however, emphasize that he loves his family and was able to express his pain through music. At the same time, Justin concluded that their family is incredibly close, given everything they’ve been through.

Yungblud’s career is on the rise thanks to his collaboration with the mysterious Avril Lavigne. Avril Lavigne has returned with a new song, “I’m a Mess,” which features fellow pop-punk juggernaut.

“I’m a Mess” follows dozens of US tour dates in support of Love Sux and a significant appearance at last month’s When We Were Young Festival. Love Sux may have been the title of Avril’s 2022 album, but “I’m a Mess” is a love song through and through, with Lavigne and YUNGBLUD yearning for each other (or their respective lovers) in a heartfelt, poignant duet.