Prince Harry, Meghan Markle make royal family look better with their bad behavior: Royal pundit

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JULY 18: Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex arrive at the United Nations Headquarters on July 18, 2022 in New York City. Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex is the keynote speaker during the United Nations General assembly to mark the observance of Nelson Mandela International Day where the 2020 U.N. Nelson Mandela Prize will be awarded to Mrs. Marianna Vardinogiannis of Greece and Dr. Morissanda Kouyaté of Guinea. (Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

According to reports, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are making the royal family look better in some ways.

Lady Colin Campbell, a British socialite and royal author, spoke about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on GB News. The royal couple raised eyebrows earlier this week when it was announced that they had received this year’s Robert F. Kennedy Ripple of Hope Award. Several people believed Prince Harry and Meghan were about to be honored for trashing the royal family.

The “Meghan and Harry: The Real Story” author said:

“In doing so, they bring attention to the good behavior of the others, which might otherwise be ignored because, you know, good behavior is not something that grabs people’s notice while bad behavior is. And then if you have the foil of good behavior, it highlights both the bad behavior and the good behavior.”

“What I do think, though, is that despite the fact that Meghan and Harry are the perfect foil and, in some ways, it’s drawing good attention to the royal family.”

“Not all publicity is good publicity,” the royal pundit added. She also urged others to “keep that in mind because I believe Meghan and Harry are undermining the monarchy as well.”

Many people complained to her about why the royal family couldn’t stop the Sussexes’ alleged bad behavior. Campbell reminded the audience that the royals’ intervention was not without limitations.

She continued:

“People don’t seem to understand that Harry and Meghan also have human rights, and the royal family is limited as to how it can actually stop disloyal, traitorous members, also defamatory members of their family.”

Campbell’s claims could not be independently verified by International Business Times.

Kerry Kennedy stated that the Sussexes received the ward for opposing “structural racism” in the British monarchy. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the couple claimed that one senior royal expressed concern about the skin color of their unborn child.

Kennedy said:

“They knew that if they did this, there would be consequences, that they would be ostracized, they would lose their family, their position within this structure, and that people would blame them for it. They have done it anyway because they believed they couldn’t live with themselves if they didn’t question this authority. I think they have been heroic in taking this step.”

Meanwhile, Kristin Tate, an American Liberian columnist, political commentator, and author, commented on the couple’s declining popularity. The royal couple, in her opinion, “have done so much to really try to destroy the royal family, and so many people in England are happy to see them gone.”

Americans, she claims, have begun to turn against Markle as a result of her and Prince Harry’s recent antics.

She said on Sky News Australia’s “The Kenny Report”:

“But here in the U.S., when they came here, Meghan Markle was quite popular, you could see that in the polls, and now public opinion polls showed that Americans are turning their backs on her.”