Katy Perry under fire after allegedly shaming ‘American Idol’ contestant

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - FEBRUARY 26: Singer-songwriter Katy Perry attends the 2017 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Graydon Carter at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on February 26, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Katy Perry sparked new controversy when she allegedly “mom-shamed” one of the “American Idol” contestants.

The long-running singing competition show “American Idol” welcomed a group of aspirants onto its stage on Sunday’s episode, including Sara Beth Liebe.

Liebe introduced herself in a video posted on the show’s YouTube channel, stating that she was 25. The judges were taken aback when they told her she looked like a teenager.

The contestant surprised them even more when she revealed she has three children. She went on to say that if Perry lay down on the table, she would pass out.

Perry replied:

“Honey, you’ve been laying on the table too much.”

The “Dark Horse” hitmaker also asked Liebe if singing was her dream after the mother of three revealed she no longer has time for herself.

The “The One That Got Away” singer soon told the contestant that if singing is not her dream, she should leave because there are a lot of other dreams ahead of her, referring to the other contestants in line.

Liebe sang, “You Know I’m No Good,” unconcerned by her words.

On the other hand, Perry said it wasn’t enough and that she should try “Benny and the Jets.” The contestant stated that the song was her first choice for the audition.

After hearing her audition, the female judge dubbed her the “accidental American Idol” after hearing her audition. Although Luke Bryan praised the contestant for being a great singer, Perry warned her that it would not go far if it were not her dream.

After watching the episode, viewers were outraged by Perry’s inconsiderate and “below-the-belt” remarks toward the contestant.

They chastised her for being rude, telling her to “return to reality” and stop “being a mean girl.”

It was not Perry’s first time making headlines this season. During a February episode, the singer sobbed after hearing Trey Louis’ audition, particularly after learning he had survived a school shooting.

He said:

“In May 2018, a gunman walked into my school. I was in art room one. He shot up art room two before he made his way to art room one. Lost a lot of friends. Eight students were killed. Two teachers were killed.”

Perry soon burst into tears, yelling that the country had failed everyone.

Viewers chastised Perry at the time for overreacting, although the school shooting victim remained calm throughout his appearance.