Kanye West ‘likes Jewish people again,’ rapper thanks THIS actor, movie for enlightenment

American rapper Kanye West poses before Christian Dior 2015-2016 fall/winter ready-to-wear collection fashion show on March 6, 2015 in Paris. AFP PHOTO / PATRICK KOVARIK (Photo credit should read PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP via Getty Images)

While watching “21 Jump Street,” Kanye West had an epiphany.

After months of doubling down on his anti-Semitism, West appears to be retracting his offensive remarks and thanking Jonah Hill for opening his eyes.

The rapper announced his change of heart on Instagram:

“No one should take anger against one or two individuals and transform that into hatred towards millions of innocent people.”

“No Christian can be labeled antisemite knowing Jesus is Jew. Thank you Jonah Hill I love you.”

Although West has finally addressed this controversy, it should be noted that he has yet to apologize for pushing an anti-Semitic agenda and sharing anti-Semitic memes last year.

According to Forbes magazine, West’s career took off when he began sharing anti-Semitic sentiments on social media.

He once tweeted that he would commit “death con 3 on Jews.” This statement shocked the industry and his fans, who had been staunch supporters of him up to that point.

His years-long collaboration with Adidas ended when the sportswear company stated that it no longer wanted anything to do with the rapper.

In another instance, he stated in an interview with Piers Morgan that he “loves Hitler” and “likes Nazis.”

Soon after, he was disowned by fashion brands and several other companies with which he had previously collaborated.

According to Forbes, the rapper may have lost millions of dollars due to his stunt, and he now has a net worth of $398 million.

According to reports, West’s talent agency dropped him, and the documentary about him was canceled.

MRC Entertainment’s co-CEOs even issued a statement condemning West and his political agenda:

“Kanye is a producer and sampler of music. Last week he sampled and remixed a classic tune that has charted for over 3000 years – the lie that Jews are evil and conspire to control the world for their own gain. […] Kanye has now helped mainstream it in the modern era.”

Christopher Miller, the director of “21 Jump Street,” reacted to West’s Instagram post, according to Geo TV:

“um… thanks for watching?”

Hill, who co-starred in the comedy-action film with Channing Tatum, has yet to respond to the rapper.