Victoria Beckham revelation: Spice Girls member’s new added collection sparks reaction from Fans

victoria-beckham-revelation-spice-girls-members-new-added-collection-sparks-reaction-from-fans NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 16: Victoria Beckham, wearing "Victoria Beckham Denim" hosts the Bergdorf Goodman launch of her new collection "Victoria Beckham Denim" at Bergdorf Goodman on February 16, 2010 in New York, New York. (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

Victoria Beckham’s fashion label has reached another milestone in its history by fully accepting plus-size clothing.

Victoria is taking a big step forward by adding a new collection to her clothing line, which has everyone surprised and impressed.

She captioned the video she shared, which featured a plus-size woman, in an edited Instagram post.

“Designed in our signature compact knit, VB Body gently sculpts and flatters the figure. This season sees elevated takes on wear-everywhere pieces, including scallop detailing, a new square neckline and an open-back bodysuit.”

The video clip that was shared in public shows a woman dressed in green and white walking confidently in her clothes.

Perhaps this is one of Victoria’s secrets for creating new clothes, as she stated on her website:

“Making women look and feel like the best versions of themselves is truly what brings me joy...”

The designer also discussed her experience with fashion. She stated that it is:

” inspiring, exciting, but ultimately it is incredibly rewarding. To see those reactions is why I do what I do”

Victoria is being praised right now for her wise decision, even though having plus size clothes in someone else’s fashion boutique is not a novel concept, but doing so right now is not too late.

Fans of the well-known designer, in particular, appreciate the change she made by embracing “plus size” clothing and storing and selling it for the first time after opening her boutique in 2008.

A fan said:

“Finally qween! You listened to our feedback and used curvaceous models for your campaign.”

Another fan commented on the new addition to the VB clothing line, saying that as a larger lady, she loves the idea and explained her difficulty in remaining classy when options do not cater to plus size women.

She continued that she:

“just needs your twin zip detail dress in an 18 and all will be well in the world!”

Meanwhile, Victoria has become the talk of the town after she uploaded a photo of herself doing her make-up.

While many people admire Victoria’s abilities, there are some who can’t help but notice her “accent.”

A fan stated that she cannot recall using her accent in Victoria’s make-up tutorial video despite the fact that she was a Posh “Spice Girl,” while another stated that her [Victoria] voice calms her.