Michelle Obama, Barack Obama no longer together? Former first couple reportedly living separately amid ongoing fights, divorce rumors

michelle-obama-barack-obama-no-longer-together-former-first-couple-reportedly-living-separately-amid-ongoing-fights-divorce-rumors NASHUA, NH - JANUARY 08: Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) is hugged by his wife Michelle Obama before his speech at a primary night rally in the gymnasium at the Nashua South High School on January 8, 2008 in Nashua, New Hampshire. Obama finished a projected 2nd place behind Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) in the nation's first democratic primary (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are reportedly on a trial separation after a series of disagreements over the past few years.

Globe reported in its Sept. 5 issue that in order to avoid an ugly divorce, the Obamas had opted for a trial separation. Having one allows them to have some time away and prevents them from constantly butting heads at home.

The informant said:

“Whenever they’re together, they just seem to annoy each other. Even though they’ve been pretty good at playing up for cameras, the cracks have begun to show.”

According to the source, one of the couple’s troubles is Michelle’s constant desire to outdo her husband.

The tipster added:

“Michelle’s so amped up on being a power player in Hollywood, she doesn’t have time to listen to Barack whine about politics.”

The insider claimed that the Obamas’ problems have significantly worsened since Malia and Sasha departed for college. Ultimately, this meant that the couple was constantly in close proximity.

Moreover, Barack and Michelle reportedly dispute how their daughters spend their money. One is more stringent than the other. Michelle anticipates that Barack will intervene more to prevent Malia and Sasha from exhausting their funds.

The tattler went on:

“They’ve concluded it’s better for her to get on with her business in Hollywood and for him to stay on the East Coast. Besides, she wants to be closer to the girls in L.A. and keep an eye on them.”

This is not the first time that the Obamas’ marriage has been thought to be in trouble. In fact, the same tabloid has maintained for years that Michelle and Barack have desired a divorce. However, their allegations have never been substantiated.

After their daughters departed for college, Barack and Michelle grew considerably closer to one another. The pair previously disclosed that they like spending so much time together now that Barack no longer resides in the White House.

There is also no sign that the daughters of Barack and Michelle have spent their money on pricey and unnecessary items. And even if they are, their money is theirs to do with as they like.