Edward Enninful revelation: British fashion connoisseur to replace Anna Wintour at Vogue amid complicated health status?

OXFORDSHIRE, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 22: Edward Enninful accepts the Global VOICES Award 2019, during the gala dinner at #BoFVOICES on November 22, 2019 in Oxfordshire, England. (Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images for The Business of Fashion)

Anna Wintour succeeded Grace Mirabella as editor-in-chief of Vogue Magazine in 1988, and she has been with the company for decades. Many people have speculated about her retirement and who might succeed her.

According to the BBC, Edward Enninful has been rumored for years in the fashion industry to be her replacement at American Vogue if she decides to step down.

Today, the British fashion connoisseur addressed the issue, saying that while the public enjoys speculating about his and Wintour’s relationship, he is content with where he is now.

Concerning his position at the well-known fashion magazine, Enninful stated:

“you know, you never know what the future holds.”

As of this writing, the 72-year-old editor had not responded.

Enninful had several health issues over the years, particularly with his eyes.

According to the outlet, he had already undergone four operations for his vision problems, including a detached retina.

Unfortunately, he had to stare at the floor with his head down in a dark room for weeks as part of his “psychologically intense” recovery process.

When asked about his health, the British Vogue editor-in-chief stated that losing his vision is his greatest fear.

He stated that he has never had good eyesight and has always worn his “minus 10 glasses” since childhood.

Enninful had a major epiphany during his surgery, stating that he doesn’t need perfect vision to create and see images.

He stated:

“So that’s the irony of it: though I have bad eyesight, I’m still able to create images that people seem to resonate with.”

Aside from his vision issues, the fashion editor also has thalassemia, a blood condition that causes severe pain.

He received several blood transfusions at a young age, long before moving to the United Kingdom from Ghana when he was 13.

His mother remained in his home country for a time while he and his five siblings resided in his aunt’s small flat in London.

He was kicked out of the house when he told his father he was skipping classes to continue working in the fashion industry.

On September 6, Enninful’s book “A Visible Man: A Memoir” will be released.