Ed Sheeran is excited to bring a ‘completely different experience’ to the US on tour

GORLESTON-ON-SEA, ENGLAND - JUNE 21: Ed Sheeran attends special screening of Yesterday on June 21, 2019 in Gorleston-on-Sea, England. (Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images for Universal Pictures International)

As he prepares to embark on the North American leg of his + – = x (Mathematics) Tour, Ed Sheeran spoke with Audacy’s Karen Carson about it, what potential surprises he has in store, and more.

Sheeran will do things differently this time, as he did for his European leg last year. Ed will be joined by a full band and all the fireworks rather than just doing things solo with his guitar and pedal.

When asked how the experience differs, Ed stated that “even just playing in the round is a completely different experience,” referring to his new stage setup. “The first couple of shows were a little ‘oh what’s going on here,'” but with 51 shows under their belt, “it’s well-oiled, and it’s going to be great coming to America.”

Don’t be concerned if you’re curious about or worried about missing Ed’s approach to his live shows. As Ed went on to explain:

“the band is actually just a section of the show… there’s loop pedal and then there’s solo bits, and then there’s bits with big band and fireworks and stuff like that, so there’s no part of the show where you’re bored.”

Ed, currently filming a documentary, was suggested to do some busking while in Frankfurt for a gig. Up to the task, Ed suggested that instead of performing in Frankfurt, a well-known location, he busk in his hometown, “where things like that don’t usually happen.”

Ed admitted:

“It’s weird having a hometown and never really playing there, because there’s no infrastructure.”

So this was his method of doing it:

“it was fun, it was really, really good actually, really good.”

When asked if he plans to bring his busking to the United States, Ed remained vague but did promise some surprises. Noting that his manager had told him not to talk about the things they were planning, he said that it was better to announce them when they were announced.

While we may have to wait and see what surprises Ed has in store for us, one thing is certain: he will not be traveling alone. Khalid is scheduled to perform with him from May 6 to September 2.

“The cool thing about Khalid is that he’s got 10 songs that got a billion streams, and I’m just about to have my 11th song. So you’re gonna have a show that for 3 hours you’re gonna hear… like 21 bangers. And I just think it’s a cool ticket.”

Following Khalid’s opening slot, rapper/singer-songwriter Russ will accompany Ed from September 9 to the tour’s final date on September 23. Dylan, Cat Burns, Maisie Peters, and Rosa Linn will also appear on alternate dates.

While Khalid and Russ have more experience performing in front of large crowds, Ed expressed excitement about giving the lesser-known artists on his tour lineup the opportunity to share their music with his fans.

Speaking of his fans, Ed, who will not be using tour buses on his upcoming tour but instead opting for trains and planes, revealed that he does not find public transportation intimidating because his fans are no longer as “fanatical” as they once were. “There’s only a certain level of weirdness it gets to now,” he says, noting that they’ve grown up with him.

To end the conversation, Karen asked Ed a final question from Lewis Capaldi, who wanted Sheeran’s reaction to the idea of forming a supergroup with the two of them, Niall Horan and Elton John.