Why Wendy Williams’ lawyer thinks host is ‘left to die’ amid bank issues, bizarre behavior concerns

why-wendy-williams-lawyer-thinks-host-is-left-to-die-amid-bank-issues-bizarre-behavior-concerns NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 10: TV personality Wendy Williams attends the 2019 NYWIFT Muse Awards at the New York Hilton Midtown on December 10, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Lars Niki/Getty Images for New York Women in Film & Television)

Is Wendy Williams “left to die”?

Wendy’s ex-financial adviser Lori Schiller and former manager Bernie Young were reportedly involved in Wendy’s lawsuit against Wells Fargo after the bank froze her accounts due to concerns about financial exploitation, according to Wendy’s former lawyer LaShawn Thomas.

Lori, who is still involved in the lawsuit despite no longer working for Wendy Williams, is allegedly attempting to “muddy the waters” by allegedly supporting a false report against Wendy’s son, Kevin Hunter Jr., who allegedly used his mother’s American Express credit card, prompting the bank to freeze her accounts.

Wendy insisted on access to her accounts, despite claims to the contrary.

The legal battle continues in a New York courtroom.

The real issue, according to LaShawn, is that Wendy Williams’ bank, their adviser, refused to give her access to her accounts, including the ability to check her balance

“No bank should be given that authority. Nobody attempted to break into any of Wendy’s accounts.”

She went on to complain that the bank’s adviser and Bernie Young were the only people who had access to the information, claiming that “they left Wendy to die.”

According to the lawyer, Wendy Williams’ son Kevin Jr. stepped in to help his mother “mentally and physically” with the help of multiple physicians while Wendy Williams battled several health issues.

According to LaShawn, Kevin Jr. “absolutely loves” his mother and “no one should throw any guilt or any charges of wrongdoing at his feet.”

Kevin Hunter Jr. used his mother’s credit card, which had over $100,000 in outstanding bills, according to an insider, with LaShawn also pointing out that Lori and Bernie were the only people who had access to Wendy’s bank accounts.

The lawyer said:

“Lori was in charge of paying Wendy’s and Kevin Jr.’s expenses. Kevin has always approached Lori to pay his expenses. If someone required money (Wendy or Kevin), they had to call Lori so she could start payment.”

According to LaShawn Thomas, Wendy Williams’ conservatorship was triggered by her client’s desire to buy a property in Miami for her son.

Wendy allegedly asked her lawyer to negotiate the terms of the real estate transaction because she promised to save them money on commissions.

However, Kevin Jr. received a call from the landlord just before he was supposed to move in. He never received an offer, and the price had skyrocketed.

Lori allegedly told Kevin Jr. that she couldn’t speak with him unless Wendy gave her written permission because verbal permission was “no longer sufficient.”

Wendy, LaShawn, and Kevin Jr. took a formal authorization and power of attorney to a nearby Wells Fargo branch, but they “refused to accept it.”

Lori told Wendy that she would only speak to her if she was alone when the bank manager called to help with the situation.

LaShawn explained:

“Instead, Lori barred Wendy from accessing any of her accounts, Lori blocked access to each and every account. Wendy was even barred from going to the bank and withdrawing money herself.”